General Construction

Seiler provides general construction contractors several solutions that will significantly increase accuracy, reliability and productivity. We carry a full line of Rugged Lasers, Levels, Robotic Total Stations, Tripods, and Supplies.Our full line of rugged Spectra Precision Laser tools stand up to tough jobsite conditions and also offer portable convenience, increased speed and accuracy. Seiler offers slope lasers, horizontal and vertical lasers, laser detectors, machine mount detectors and laser pointers. Our laser leveling tools are used for leveling, plumbing, machine control, excavation work, landscaping, swimming pool construction, concrete leveling, home building, and many various site tasks. Software solutions from Autodesk® provide Building Information Modeling (BIM), which improve communications among architects, engineers, subcontractors, general contractors, and building owners at all stages of a project.

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  • Spectra Precision® Laser DG711 and DG511 Pipe Lasers
  • UL633 Universal Laser
  • Spectra Precision® Laser LL100, LL300, LL400 and LL500 Laser Levels
  • Spectra Precision® Laser HV101, HV301 and HV401 Interior Lasers
  • Spectra Precision®  GL 512 and GL 522 Slope Lasers
  • Tripods, Grade Rods, Chargers, Receiver Clamps and Targets

Spectra Precision® Laser LL500 Laser Level

Spectra Precision® GL 422 Slope Laser